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USB controller disassembly

I’m developping a handheld console for some time, and I will show you it there:


On this device we could play on our favorite video games, like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Ocarina of Time, Space Invaders or many others! Return on childhood with it and play where you want!

With a 7 inch (1024*600 pi) you will be able to play some games or other things, using multi OS : the emulation OS, Linux or Android. So you would plug a keyboard and a mouse and use the device as a little PC.


This console is in developping process, so you could follow the job here (in french):

  1. Project presentation
  2. CAD Modelisation
  3. Using controllers
  4. Screen received, beginnig to make!
  5. New design of my handheld console
  6. USB controller disassembly

Feel free to ask questions about my project in the comment area below! All of the articles are in french but you can use the translate button of your browser 😉


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